Searching for day outing resorts in Jaipur, maybe a day outing with your spouse or family members? Do you also wish to minimize travel time and yet explore and experience the best places around Jaipur? If your answer is yes to any of these questions we strongly suggest Umaid Palace. Most of the people searching for resort for day outing invariably land up at our doors, and Umaid Palace, true to its heritage, welcomes guests with open arms, a host exciting activities and mouth-watering cuisine.

A visit to Umaid Palace translates into memorable moments and one of the preferred day outing resorts in Jaipur.

The Hotel is synonymous with best day picnic location near Jaipur not without a reason. Mentioned below are some of its compelling features -

  1. It is set up amidst lush greenery, right into the lap of nature, and therefore offers unbelievable tranquillity.
  2. Designed around Rajasthan's rich culture and history it is a boon for travellers seeking heritage day out.
  3. Unlike other leisure destinations, Umaid Palace considers sustainability and ecosystem seriously.

Is that it? Doesn’t seem like an exciting option for a day outing resort in Jaipur?

Actually, the adventure begins right after guests’ check into our paradise. Explore and exploit impressive swimming pool, outdoor and indoor activities such as Cycling, Croquet, Cricket, Volleyball & Badminton and indoor Games such as Carom, Table Tennis & Chess Games.

Guests can quickly hop off to some of the nearby historic and cultural spots such as 9th Century Chand Baori Stepwell ( 15 minutes ) & the haunted fort of Bhangarh ( 30 minutes ) for their mystical beauty. These added advantages make Umaid Palace the most favoured resort day outing in Jaipur.

Resort for day outing in Jaipur is also suitable for the not so young individuals or family members. For them, Umaid Palace offers guided walking tour of organic farms & dairy and countryside nature walk.

Of course, welcome drink, three course lunch or dinner and evening high tea with cookies & Pakoras are some of the regular frills. Naturalists and solo guests can enjoy the serenity and quiet from a host of options scattered within the palace grounds; a feature which few day outing resort in Jaipur offer.

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Bonfire at the Palace Lawns