Experience royal indulgence at Umaid Palace with activities tailored for a regal retreat. Discover the palace's stunning architecture, a fusion of Art Deco and Renaissance styles. Relax in lush gardens amid the city's hustle, delve into its history through engaging guided tours, and enjoy vintage car rides, horseback outings, and Rajasthani cultural performances for an adventurous touch. Umaid Palace promises a luxurious escape, enveloping you in royal charm and grandeur at every turn.

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Talai— Let the fresh winter breeze bring you days that are filled with evenings by the pool, some chilled cocktails, scintillating memories and nights that are affairs to remember.”

Organic Farming at Umaid Palace Hotel Kalakho Dausa Rajasthan

If land and plants and food are your thing then be sure to spend time at the organic farms, dairy and mini poultry at Umaid Palace

Juggad Ride at Umaid Palace Hotel Kalakho Dausa Rajasthan

Experience the joy of being driven around in the most popular means of mass transport of the locals - the open truck!.

Chand Baori - 1

Experience divine tranquillity at the Krishna Temple, nestled within the serene grounds of The Retreat.

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Kite flying season is when the winds are conducive to take the little pieces of paper to the clouds. We can help you enjoy this one of a kind activity and provide all the assistance you need.

Yoga at Umaid Palace, Dausa

With prior information we will arrange for a yoga session during your stay. Our professional yoga teacher can guide you through the asanas and help you rejuvenate

Cricket at Umaid Palace Hotel Kalakho Dausa Rajasthan

Enjoy India's favourite sport on our grounds! Learn the rules, master a few strokes and bowl a few deliveries before we place you on the field with a local village team for a friendly game.

Nature Walk at Umaid Palace Hotel Kalakho Dausa Rajasthan

The fresh air and quietness of the countryside is a tonic in itself. Go for a nature walk or set out to see the birds - whatever it is, Umaid Palace provides an opportunity for this soothing activity.

Camel Cart Ride at Umaid Palace Hotel Kalakho Dausa Rajasthan

Visiting an authentic Rajasthani village is seeing the real India. See a slice of everyday life, whether it is a local school or women at work in the fields or homes.

Sports at Umaid Palace Hotel Kalakho Dausa Rajasthan

Umaid Palace has a wide range of Sports and Recreation activities with something to interest everybody.

Recall Aman Sheefa Day04-2422 Drone

Celebrate the start of Spring, a good harvest and saying farewell to winters, with the Festival of Colours - Holi. We have introduced the celebration of Holi festival at Umaid Palace, Kalakho (Dausa, Rajasthan).