Juggad Ride - The Village Mercedes

Quick Facts:
~     Top Speed - 20 to 25 km/hr
~     Engine - Runs on kirloskar dynamo also used to pump water in the farms by the local villagers
~     Fuel Type - Kerosne or Diesel
~     Registration or Number Plate - Not required
~     Use - For transporting villagers, fodder, cattle and goods between villages & small towns

Enjoy ample leg space as you sit, stretch, stand or even lie down in the back of a Jugaad- popularly known as The Village Mercedes! Experience the joy of being driven around in the most popular means of mass transport of the locals - the open truck! 

Juggad - popularly known among the locals as The Village Mercedes, is most popular means of transport used for the transportation of villagers, fodders, cattle and goods.

Rock in a Juggad to reach the Gothdi village through the vast grazing pastures and fields of wheat, mustard, coriander and chillies. You'll get a chance to meet the traditionally dressed residents, visit their homes and watch farmers, herders and silversmiths plying their trade, perfect to capture on your camera.

Juggad is a colloquial Hindi - Urdu word that means an innovative fix or a simple work - around, used for solutions that bend rules, or a resource that can be used as such, or a person who can solve a complicated issue.

You may even be invited for chai in a local village home, a form of interaction that for many can be a moving experience.