Organic Farming & In House Dairy

If land and plants and food are your thing then be sure to spend time at the organic farms of Umaid Palace. Whether it is watching or learning or participating in the everyday life of the farm, you have a deal here.

You are invited to try your hand at harvesting or cooking. Maybe you will pick up some know how to try back home. Maybe you don't want any of that but just want to walk around the vegetable patches and enjoy the walk. To have a look at the land from where the vegetables are sourced for your next meal is in itself great.

When there, you can also visit the farm and have a look at traditional ways of tending to livestock. The farm also provides the Umaid Heritage Resort with its supply of dairy & poultry products.

To do justice to the produce, our chefs rustle up some wonderful palates of choice dishes. Very so often, some guests venture out with the chef to the farm, and help him select their preferred vegetables for the day. How cool is that!

Nature walk with field breakfast / Lunch

A walk through the mustard fields, arriving at a farmer’s hut, a charpoy is laid and the Chula lit, as the guests enjoy bajre ki roti with fresh home–made butter and piping hot masala chai.

Harvesting & Handpicking Vegetables from the fields

From a variety of lemon, garlic, cabbage to bright red ripe tomatoes, rich purple brinjals & tangy green chilies, the fields always have a variety of fresh home.

A great holiday is incomplete without great food to compliment it. All the food we serve is grown and sourced locally – it is organic, fresh and healthy. The unpolished pulses and the vegetables are all cooked with herbs and spices that are grown in our herb garden. We have a policy of only local procurement – No centralized vendors. We have tied up with local farmers to buy their produce. Therefore our menus are highly customized and provide only those items that are locally available.