Village Safari and Volunteer Programs at Kalakho Village

Visiting an authentic Rajasthani village is seeing the real India. You will get to see a slice of everyday life, whether it is a local school or women at work in the fields or homes. You can stop at a local market and see the similarities and uniqueness of people buying and selling their wares. This trip will take all of two hours and you can round it off by having tea in the home of one of the village elders.

Village Safari - kalakho Dausa
Village Life -at kalakho Dausa
Village Life - kalakho Dausa

Any of the following modes of transport can be used for the trip:

  • Camel Cart Ride
  • Jeep Safari
  • Bicycle¬†Tour
  • Walking Tour
  • Juggad Ride

Volunteer Programs at Kalakho Village

Optional Voluntary Activities - installing water filters, medical camps, help install solar panels for electricity & hot water, rain water harvesting, Building toilets, painting the walls of the school, Teaching English & listen to children read at the school, donate a tree in your name and help build toilets / drinking water plants at the village.