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Baradari - Umaid Palace Dausa
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Baradari - Farm Lunch
Baradari ULP

Treat your taste buds with the lip-smacking Rajasthani flavours prepared by the resort's experienced chefs using farm-fresh organic ingredients amidst the in house organic farms of mustard, green leafy vegetables with a live earthen mud fired oven with beautiful views of the main palace as the backdrop & Mughal style fountains inspired the breath taking Taj Mahal.

For this hotel’s most intimate, immersive dining experience, the guests during the harvest season each winter and early-autumn in an open-air baradari deep within the palace hotel which is spread across 20 acres for a farm to table dining experience. The Palace Chef’s under the personal supervision of the host family create a different tasting menu each day, based on which of the garden’s 50 varieties of vegetables and herbs are at their peak, as well as sustainably caught fish and pasture-fed meats from trusted local suppliers. They use only ancestral cooking methods including secret recipes perfected over generations, and traditional wood fired ovens plays a leading role.


08:00 to 22:00 (Morning 8 am to evening 10 pm)

For table reservation or any inquiries, please contact us via email info@umaidlakepalace or call us on +91-96107 40882 or +91 - 97999 36888

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