Your Safety 

We'd like to take this opportunity to give you a brief on all the precautionary and sanitisation measures implemented across our property to ensure your peace of mind during your stay with us.

All our resort has a limited number of rooms and is located at a distance from the city centre. We are at drivable distances from different parts of India, making your travel safe and in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Covid – 19 – Health & Safety Protocol Update

We want to reassure you that we have enhanced our practices around food handling, sanitisation, disinfection and cleaning. Simply put, our refreshed service standards cover every aspect of the hotel and ensure the highest level of safety.

Here are all the details.

  • Guests are required to share their travel history and along with a photo identification prior to arrival
  • Temperature reading of all guests and associates working at the hotel is taken at the entrance of the hotel using non-invasive thermometers on a daily basis.
  • If any of the parameters for our guest or colleagues is not normal, a medical examination and medical assistance is provided immediately.
  • Our rooms are cleaned thoroughly, sanitised, and sealed off until your arrival
  • Our house-keeping staff is equipped with cleaning checklists using professionally identified chemicals.
  • Protective masks and disposable gloves are being worn by all team members at all times and changed frequently.
  • Most of our team members have accommodation within the property, in order to limit external exposure from the community.

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  • Our restaurant and lobby seating has been rearranged to adhere to social distancing.
  • Paper amenities will be made available upon request
  • Public areas and touchpoints such as countertops, tabletops, door handles, and taps are cleaned multiple times a day with a disinfectant
  • Repeated cleaning and sanitisation of all touch points in public areas like door handles, counter tops, table tops, railings, etc. is done on a regular basis.
  • Professional agencies are on standby for sanitisation of all areas should there be anyone detected with symptoms of COVID-19.

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  • Our team member’s body temperature is checked twice a day and recorded
  • Detailed training given to all food handlers on best practises based on the latest studies 
  • For your convenience and safety on the morning of departure, our Front Office teams will share an e-bill with you via WhatsApp or e-mail in the comfort of your room
  • An e-payment mode is also available via payment link to facilitate contactless check-outs

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  • All material coming into our hotel will be sanitised immediately upon delivery. Safely packaged items are sprayed with disinfectant and fresh produce is washed with dissolved chlorine tablets in water as per global food safety norms
  • Our kitchen teams are equipped with and will always be wearing masks, gloves and chef hats / hair nets and execute orders with the highest levels of hygiene. 
  • All supplies and materials are cleaned and sanitised before being admitted into the hotel premises, using disinfectants effective against key pathogens.

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  • All of our hotel spaces are individually air-conditioned and offer outdoor dining and relaxation areas which can be used privately by guests.
  • Kitchen utensils, equipment, crockery and cutlery are thoroughly cleaned with chlorine tablets water after every use
  • Contactless mode of food ordered via QR Code & digital mode of payments via payment links / e-wallets / QR code will be followed.

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We wish to make your holiday as smooth as possible, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness within our resort, without compromising on our warm hospitality. We also understand the need for flexibility in travel planning during this time, and want you to feel confident when booking your stay.

We eagerly look forward to welcoming you and assure you of a safe stay when you are ready to travel again.

Best Regards,
Dhananjay Singh Rathore

Incase of any query, you can write to us at
or contact us on
+91 9799936888