Best Resorts Near Bhangarh Fort - 30 Minutes drive from Umaid Palace

The Ancient Ghost Town of Bhangarh - 30 Minutes drive from Umaid Palace

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Built in the late 1500s by Jaipur royal Diwan Madho Singh – younger brother of Maharaja Man Singh, Akbar the Great's general – this now uninhabited city once teemed with magnificent bazaars, a palace, gardens, temples and bathing pools.

Today Bhangarh is a National Heritage Site and though it is often hailed as one of India's top-ten sites, very few tourists manage to include it in their itinerary. Mornings and late afternoons are a perfect time to visit this deserted city – an amazing setting for photography, meditation and yoga.

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Brief History
Deserted from early in its history and rumoured to be haunted, Bhangarh is home to remnants of palaces, temples, pools and bazaars, preserved amid green lawns and giant ficus trees. A national heritage site, it was built in the 17th century by Diwan Madho Singh of the Jaipur royal family. The resort can arrange guided visits to the ruins of this folkloric, medieval city.


Myth - 1
The first legend is that of a sadhu named Baba Balau Nath. Long before the king Madho Singh decided to construct a fort in Bhangarh, the area was a meditating spot for Baba Balau Nath. The sadhu gave his permission for the construction of the fort on the condition that the fort or any building within shouldn’t be taller than his house and if the shadow on any structure fell upon his house, it would result in the annihilation of the fort town. Ajab Singh, the grandson of Madho Singh, is said to have ignored this warning and greatly raised the height of the fort, the resulting shadow falling on the sadhu’s home, leading to destruction of the town.

Myth - 2
The other legend is associated with princess Ratnavati, who was very beautiful and had a number of suitors from the royal families of the country. A wizard, adept in black magic, fell in love with the princess. As the princess went shopping with her friends one day, the wizard saw her buying ittar (scent) and replaced the ittar with a love potion. The princess, however, came to know of the wizard’s trickery and threw the potion onto a boulder nearby. This resulted in the boulder rolling towards the wizard and crushing him to death. But before being crushed to death, he cursed the city, stating that it would be destroyed soon and no would be able to live within its precincts. The kingdom was later sacked by the invading Mughal forces, killing all the inhabitants of the fort along with princess Ratnavati. As it is considered a haunted place the Bhangarh fort remains out of bound for visitors before sunrise and after sunset.

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