The Temple Town of Neelkanth (1 hour drive from Umaid Palace)


Lost in a high valley, encircled on all sides by mountains, this ancient temple town is home to the ruins of more than 80 beautifully carved temples dating back to the 6th century. Its most famous temple, Neelkantheshwar, predates even these. Neelkanth is also the site of the remains of the 7th century Jain temple of Naugaza, where there is the massive 25 ft tall pink sandstone statue of Shri Parshavanath-ji - the 23rd Jain Tirthankara. Transfers from the resort are organized by jeep or car in the morning or afternoon. Depending on the weather, a picnic lunch can be organized.

Neelkanth, meaning the blue-throated reincarnation of Lord Shiva, is located on the edge of Sariska National Park, 60 minutes from Umaid Palace. It lies on a plateau high in the hills, and the view as one climbs up the final stretch of road is spectacular.

Encircled by mountains, this hidden, ancient temple town is home to the ruins of more than 80 beautifully carved temples dating back to the 6th century – though Neelkanthteshwar, its most famous temple, predates even these. Exquisitely carved, it is among India’s finest; the energy within the sanctum is tangible.

We suggest combining an excursion to Neelkanth with a visit to Narayani Mata. Alternatively, you may like to stretch your legs and trek to Neelkanth from the village of Kishori on the same side of the hill. This trek requires a good level of fitness and takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Mansarovar Lake (seasonal)

At the foot of the dirt road leading up to Neelkanth, 45 minutes from Umaid Palace, Mansarovar Lake becomes a birdwatcher’s paradise from October to February, when the many species of local birds are joined by migratory birds from Europe. Mansarovar means ‘made by Shiva’ and, like its more famous namesake in the Himalayas, is reputed to bestow beauty and youth on anyone who bathes in it.

Transfers are organised by jeep and car. We recommend you go in the early morning or late afternoon to observe the great variety of birdlife. Our resident naturalist, Bijay, is an expert in identifying not only our feathered friends, but also the rich variety of flora and fauna native to our area